a heavy snowfall on a suburban road covering parked cars, trees, and the road during winter

What are the Best Driving Features for Winter Weather?

Winter Driving Features for a Snowy and Icy New York

What does your vehicle need to handle winter weather? For drivers up north, winter conditions can start to get pretty terrible when out on the road. While not every feature we’ll mention below is absolutely necessary, they are smart choices to increase your safety, comfort, and convenience when driving amidst the snow, ice, wind, and cold.

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happy family picking their dream vehicle

Order your dream vehicle in NYC

Order a new or used vehicle in Yonkers NY

Many modern car shoppers have specific tastes and even specific vehicles that they are shopping for. This can include everything from a specific brand and model all the way down to exact colors and options. Unfortunately, acquiring a car that meets those exact specifications can be difficult, but one dealership in Yonkers, NY hopes to change all that. Learn how you can order a new or used vehicle in Yonkers, NY through Broadway Auto Brokers. Read the rest of this entry >>