2018 Lexus GS sedan models exterior shot line up with blue, silver, and white color parked in a lot between office buildings

Used Lexus Models in Yonkers, NY 

Have you ever had the good fortune to drive a Lexus? Furthermore, have you ever been able to own a Lexus model of your own? A tremendous experience, many average drivers have likely lacked this opportunity due to the high price range attached to many modern Lexus vehicles. However, here at Broadway Auto Brokers, we have many current year, pre-owned Lexus models available for purchase in our inventory. Used but otherwise in excellent condition, these models are available at affordable prices despite the luxury status of the Lexus brand.

What Lexus models are available? Currently, the used Lexus models in stock at Broadway Auto Brokers are all 2018 models. Those are the 2018 Lexus IS, ES, and GS sedans along with a 2018 Lexus NX SUV. However, keep in mind, our roster of vehicles is always in flux. Some of these models might not remain for long, but we’re sure to soon bring in more used Lexus models to sell to our eager customers. Make sure to check out our online inventory to browse the current selection of available models.

Test Drive and Buy a Used Lexus Model at Broadway Auto Brokers 

Here at Broadway Auto Brokers, we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our service as well as your choice of vehicle. Therefore, before we convince you to buy one of these models we recommend that you first take it out for a test drive. So, find out which model in our inventory you’d like to test out and then contact us to get started! Feel free to also call if you have any questions about any model that piques your interest.

It’s easy to schedule an appointment. Interested drivers can do so online, by phone, or at our dealership location. The process is simple, streamlined, and easy no matter your choice of communication. Once everything is set, just arrive on time. The Broadway Auto Brokers dealership is located in Yonkers, New York within Westchester County.

2019 Lexus IS Sedan exterior shot with atomic silver paint color driving under the sun in an urban landscape
2019 Lexus NX Suv exterior shot with bright silver color paint job in a bright, washed out room with a raised bridge in the background
2019 Lexus ES sedan exterior side shot with silver color paint job parked on a roof under a concrete awning balcony